The mission of the Auxiliary Board of Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation is to:


  1. Enhance the efforts of Bear Necessities as it works to eliminate pediatric cancer and to provide hope and support to those touched by it.
  2. Build upon and elevate Bear Necessities brand awareness while generating funds and support for the organization.
  3. Develop long-term Bear Necessities leaders. 

When Bear Necessities founder Kathleen Casey analyzed the organization’s volunteer base, she saw an opportunity to further the Bear Necessities mission through the energy of Chicago’s young professional community. She contacted a small group of dedicated Bear Necessities volunteers, and together they set into motion the Auxiliary Board of Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation, Inc. The common goal was simple: identify emerging community leaders and charge them with delivering the Bear Necessities message to their peers. This group stands ready to raise awareness, generate financial support and extend the Bear Necessities network.



Interested in joining the Auxiliary Board?

For detailed information on Auxiliary Board membership, please contact us at auxiliary@bearnecessities.org.


**CLICK HERE to complete an application for the Auxiliary Board (required). 




Auxiliary Board

Anne Bell

Vice President

Vrajesh Parikh 

VP of Sponsorship
Christian Flaherty

VP of Marketing/PR

Stephanie Sorensen

VP's of Events
Amy Bouvy & Kate Szymanski

VP's of Purple Affair for the Bear
Rachel Kenny, Brooke Voris & Alex Kholmann

VP of Community Outreach

VP's of Membership
Jessica Lindgren & Marisa Mokodean

VP of Communications
Brooke Voris

VP of Service
Heather Fenniman 

Emily Paulson


Board Members
Alex  Baboulas

Lauren Baker

Rohith Banerjee

Jenn Baumgartner

DeRondal Bevly

Cassondra Boehmer

Kristin Bonnett

Charley  Boynton

Samantha Brayer

Adam Chenoweth

Erin Coffey

Tyler Crawford

Deanna Dugo

Silena Dukes

Amanda Golightly

Rachel Hanrahan

Blake Harber

Claire Jolcover

Heddie  Kim

Jane  Knoche

George Kraniotis

Conor Leamy

Abigail  Lyon

Shannon Mathews

Kristin May

Lindsay Miller

Nick Miller

Adrian O'Connell

Zach Olson

Jamielyn Parungao

Erin Patti

Kimberly Pulamno

Clay Rankin

Vanessa Reese

Elena Samokhina

Julia Schatz

Chandra  Schmechel 

Jessica Scholl

Rachel Seaman

Olivia Silver

Zach Spoor

Mallory Stidham

Tiffany St. James  

Jaime Streem

Kiley  Tkaczyk

Megan Wellborn

Laine Wenger

Hanna Wiesmayer

Christina Wilbur

Indira Zamor

Sami Zisook

Steven Zisook
























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