Board of Directors

  • Chairperson

    Susan A. Hallen, IBM Global Services

  • Board of Directors

    Fredrick H. Bates, Esq.

    Beth Dowdle Bracco, Blue Plate Catering  

    Kathleen A. Casey   

    Dennis Culloton, Culloton Strategies, LLC

    Wendy N. Enerson

    George Houlihan, Caherciveen Partners

    Paul R. Iacono 

    Joy L. Larisey        

    Tim Mauery, Cramer-Krasselt     

    Pamela Mikulec, The Parthenon Group         

    Eric L. Nygard, Independant Consultant

    Judy Nygard, Deloitte

    David Proctor, Next Wave Logistics   

    Myra Snyder    

    David Ventura 

  • Officers

    CEO/Founder: Kathleen A. Casey, Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation

    Vice President: Courtney C. Krupa, Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation     

    Treasurer: Joy L. Larisey, Illinois Tool Works, Inc.     

    Secretary: Wendy N. Enerson, SNR Denton US, LLP                                                            

  • Legacy Board

    Michael Curran

    Kelly Kramer, RN, MSN

    Eric Lundstrom     

    Elizabeth Neuhoff

    Russell Scurto, Jr.

    Tracy Scurto

    Bradley A. Stephens

    Ralph Wakerly    

    Fr. Paul White


  • Honorary Members

    Tony and Laurie Amonte    

    Gary and Sandy Fencik    

    Jay Levine and Mary Ann Childers    

    Mike and Kim Singletary

Scientific and Bear Empowerment Committees

  • Scientific Committee

    Eric C. Beyer, MD, PhD 

    Anne E. Borgman, MD

    Stephan Feig, MD 

    Paul M. Kent, MD

    Lori Kunkel, MD

    Rishi Lulla, MD

    Kathleen M. Sakamoto, MD, PhD        

    Marcelo Bento Soares, PhD

    David O. Walterhouse, MD

    James Whitlock, MD


  • Bear Empowerment Committee

    Gina Baldacci, L.C.S.W.    

    Meg Crum, L.C.S.W.    

    Julie Jones, C.C.L.S., M.Ed.    

    Jennifer Loewy, L.S.W, C.C.L.S.    

    Nicole Lennie, MS, CCLS    

    Heather Moore, R.N., M.S.N    

    Lisa Mulvaney, C.C.L.S.    

    Allison Parise, R.N., B.S.N.    

    Lucy Ramirez, LCSW    

    Jean E. Schwab, L.C.S.W.    

    Jenneh Scott, BSCCLS

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